1. FIGURE OUT YOUR GOALS: If you’re not sure, answering these questions should help:

  • What do I want my life to feel like?
  • What do I want my finances to look like?
  • What do I want my body to look like?
  • Where do I want to be?
  • Do I want to follow a specific career path?
  • Do I want to start a business, hobby or learn a skill?

2. WRITE THESE GOALS DOWN: Take a moment and a piece of paper and start writing down your answers, and DO NOT BE AFRAID to write down impressive, huge and ambitious goals. Be sure that you write SPECIFIC GOALS: ‘I want to move to Amsterdam’ vs ‘I will move to Amsterdam by July 2018’. The second is specific and gives a deadline which will likely push you to take ACTION!

3. GET TO WORK: Begin working to achieve your goals. Refer to them often and modify as needed.

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