We were all presented with gifts at birth. As we all journey through life, it’s up to us to open and further develop those gifts. There are a select few who were given several gifts and that’s fine. Some people’s gifts may appear better than yours, but appreciate what you were given and act accordingly. There is never a need to compare your world with that of another. 

In life, you will encounter people from all walks of life who have experienced a lot more or a lot less than you. Those people will carry various perspectives about you and themselves. At the end of it all, we are all individuals with different outlooks on this ‘thing’ called life and THAT IS FINE! 

You should never feel the need to dim your own light to make someone feel better, or to tickle their fancy by making them appear to shine as bright as or brighter than you. 

There will be those who don’t understand how or why you shine so bright and they won’t like you simply because you are who you are. There will be those who simply need to wear sunglasses when they are in your presence and they will adjust. There will also be people who will do their best to make you feel insecure about the brightness of your light. Then, there will be those who will purchase step stools, the highest of heels and the tallest ladders in an attempt to climb up to unscrew your bulb. 

Ultimately, it’s your call on how you handle your light. Use it or lose it.

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