There was a point in my life when I didn’t fully understand how manifestation and the Law of Attraction worked, but I am so happy that I have finally arrived at a total understanding of this amazing law.

Right now, there is an invisible universal force surrounding you and it exists to assist you in obtaining anything that you desire. The results that this force yields are entirely up to YOU, based entirely on how you use it.

Today I will share with you the steps that I take to focus my energy around my intentions and then use the LOA to manifest my desires:

  1. DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT TO MANIFEST: Choose something that you really want, be sure that it is something that gets your juices flowing and lights you up and aligns with the plan you have for your life.  Once you’ve decided upon what you want, WRITE IT DOWN!
  2. AFFIRM YOUR DESIRES: Develop a set of at least THREE but no more than FIVE affirmations that are linked to your desire, and WRITE THEM DOWN!
  3. ACT “AS IF”: Believe that what you desire is coming and act as if you are already in possession of it. Come up with three ways that you are going to act ‘as if’ and WRITE THEM DOWN!
  4. BE GRATEFUL: Think on things, people and circumstances that you are already in possession of and focus on your feelings of gratitude. This will assist you in focusing your attention on the potential of the manifestation you are working to bring to fruition.
  5. SEEK OPPORTUNITIES: Keep an open mind and search for inspiration and opportunities to make it happen. Don’t be constrained by the ‘normal’ steps you would typically take to achieve things. Keep your eyes and mind open for unique ‘signs’ that you may encounter that will meet your needs and desires. Opportunities are all around us, but we must be willing to look for them and recognize them once we encounter them.
  6. ENJOY THE RESULTS: Once you have achieved the object of your desires, enjoy them.

Whenever you desire ANYTHING, take these same steps to make it happen!

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